Who are UK Vehicle Data Ltd

We are a UK based Vehicle Data company specialising in Vehicle History Checks. We are a UK VAT registered Limited company with Offices and staff just outside Sheffield. We offer a unique £40,000 guarantee on all our data purchases provided that you have enabled the guarantee via this link. We at UK Text-Check take great care and pride in presenting the data you ask for in a verified and timely manner.

78 300 - the right choice

At UK Text Check we try to ensure you receive the maximum mount of information with minimum fuss. By using 78 300 as your preferred Vehicle History Text Check you are ensuring you get the most up-to-date information about the vehicle you wish to check. Using this text check service will enable you to get fast and accurate information direct to your mobile, SMS or text client.

Our Data Sources

You can read all about our Data Sources and how we supply them to you here in our dedicated Data Sources Page

Contact us

If you need to contact us please see our full contact page here. Everything you need can be found on our us page here

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