Official Full VDI CheckTM Text

Full vehicle history check

All the data in a VDI CheckTM by Text - Only £6.00

ALL the data below included in one simple check

  • Included Data
  • Outstanding Finance / Debt
  • Insurance Write Off
  • Recorded as Stolen
  • Scrapped by DVLA
  • Mileage Records
  • Last V5 Issued
  • VIN / Chassis last 5 digits
  • Registration Changes
  • Included Data
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Colour
  • Gearbox
  • Exported
  • First Registration
  • £40,000 Data Guarantee

The Price of a VDI CheckTM by Text

The cost for VDI Text Check data is just £6.00! We believe in terms of "Value for Money" this is as good as it gets. We are cheaper than HPITM text check, My Text Check TM and 78 888

You will receive 6 x £1 premium rate messages which will contain all the data that is included. If your VDI CheckTM Text runs over 6 messages of data per registration you check any message over 6 will be free of charge.

You will see 6 £1.00 charges on your phone bill at the end of the month per Registration checked.
No hidden charges or additional data to purchase

How VDI CheckTM Text works

It is really simple and easy to receive a VDI Check by Text. Simply text "VDI" space "Registration" to 78 300 from any UK Mobile Phone.

Will result in you performing a full VDI Text Check

This will result in you being charged £4 for a check that does not include Outstanding Finance Data

What is a VDI CheckTM

VDI Check is a Trademark of UK Vehicle Data Ltd one of the newest European vehicle data providers.

The VDI Check
VDI Check is our flagship consumer product powered by UK Vehicle Datas industry data relationships. Our aim with VDI Check is to bring the consumer a cost effective and accurate Vehicle History and Provenience check at a price everyone can afford. Buying a vehicle is never simple but we can make it easier for peace of mind.
Text vdi space registration to 78 300
£1 per message you will receive 6 messages plus your normal network rate
VDI CheckTM Text
Outstanding Finance
If there is any debt, Hire Purchase (HP) monies owing on the vehicle you text us
Written off
Where a vehicle has been recorded as a total loss from an Insurance Company
Recorded as Stolen
Whether the vehicle is or has been recorded as Stolen on the Police National Computer
Scrapped by DVLA
The vehicle has been marked as scrapped and should not be on the road
Mileage Records
Mileage data from various sources including MOT tests, dealers and more
Last V5 Issued
V5 issue date to ensure the V5 you are looking at is the current one
VIN Last 5
The last 5 digits of the VIN. This should be checked when purchasing any car
Registration Changes
How many cherished transfers or private plates the car has had
Basic DVLA Data
Basic Make, Model, Year data direct from the DVLA bulk data set we receive
VDI Check Text is powered by